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I am experiencing sexual dysfunction because of a curved penis. Is there treatment for this?


The curvature of the penis is it a congenital or acquired; when it is congenital, it can be treated either medically or surgically. Furthermore, trauma to the penis in men can result in a scar on the one side of the penis and that results in curvature to one side or the other. Often that is associated with erectile dysfunction. There are many different treatments like medications, injections, and surgery to correct curvature of the penis.

I am recovering from prostate cancer and now I have erectile dysfunction


During surgical removal of the prostate for prostate cancer often men develop erectile dysfunction. Even some of the other treatments for prostate cancer including radiation or hormone therapy also can cause erectile dysfunction. This is different from some of the other causes because the nerves that run up to the penis run directly through or around the prostate. Often these nerves are severed or inadvertently injured through the course of the treatment for prostate cancer. Because of this, the subsets of patients represents a unique population that needs to be treated somewhat differently than the standard population. Often Viagra or other PDE5 inhibitors do not work in this subset of patients. In this case, we need to go to furthermore aggressive types of treatments. These other treatments include injectable therapies, suppositories. or vacuum device, or penile implant surgery. All these are options which would be discussed with you through your urologist.

What treatments are options available for erectile dysfunction? Suppose medication like Viagra does not work for me?

When I treat patients with erectile dysfunction, I like to start with the simplest treatments and then go to the more complex.


Sometimes when people use PDE5 inhibitors, and there is three of them on the market including Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis; oftentimes it is the inability to use these medications correctly it may be the cause. And it is important to understand how to do these PDE5 inhibitors work. They must be taken 35 or 45 minutes before the sexual intercourse typically on an empty stomach. If these pills are not used correctly, then that may be a cause of persistent erectile dysfunction.

If these are not effective, we have other treatments including penis enlargement pumps or suppositories which are injected into the urethra; vacuum devices; many injectable agents can be injected into the penis including bimix and trimix; and penile implant surgery.

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I have tried every medical option, and the do not work, is it time for surgery?


When the patient have tried every other form of therapy including pills, injections and suppositories and vacuum device, and nothing  at all is effective, we do have one other form or therapy which is a penile implant. A penile implant is placed surgically typically through one incision in the scrotum. The device is either inflatable or non inflatable. But typically device is filled with soft water and the patient has a pump which is hidden in the scrotum. By gently pressing n that pump that soft water travels through a reservoir placed next to the bladder into the device itself which is on the penis. The device on the penis has 2 chambers. When the water inflates the device, then patient achieved an erection.